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stressed-youth said: Hiw often do you ski do you compite because i do

Sadly not that often :/ Since I’m a dane it sets a natural limit to my skiing possibilities… However, I have been skiing every year since i was 2 years old and I just spent 5 months working as a ski instructor which gave me a lot of ski experience :) I don’t compete and i have never competed, nevertheless i would be great fun to try it someday!

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firsttchairrlasttcalll said: I miss the mountain like you miss air, underwater. Your blog is great.

🙈 Thaaaanks dude! 🙈

In Aspen, but where’s the snow?❄️
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In Aspen, but where’s the snow?❄️

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stay-placid said: Followed! Love your blog, can't wait till the next ski season

Thank you so much! That’s always great to hear 😊
And I can’t wait either!! It tickles in my feet, they wanna go skiing…! Let it snow, let it snow! ❄️

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larken-spiel said: hey man, awesome blog! I'm planning on going on a skiing gap year when I finish school and was just wondering if you have any recommendations for where to go on a budget?

Hey there! Thank you so much!
It sounds really great with a gap year which evolves a lot of skiing! I definitely enjoyed my season I Norway after I finished school :)
Well skiing is a very expensive sport, however I’ve found a site that shows some of the cheapest ski destinations: That might be helpful to you :)
Nevertheless, if you really want to ski a whole season, maybe even 2 seasons in a row, I would recommend that you apply for some work at a ski destination. It could be as a liftie or like me as a ski instructor. Both jobs are cool and a great to experience that way of living!
As a ski instructor you learn a lot!!! And even though most of your clients are kids and you spend an enormous amount of time learning them the simplest things, like how to do a snowplow, you actually learn from it and become a better skier yourself!
And well working as a ski instructor is just really really awesome! You get to meet so many different people, and if you have an early day or a day off you can hit the slopes with your new colleagues and friends :)

I hope that might help you and other ski freaks out there who also consider spending a season in winter heaven! ;)

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